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Care Recipients

We Make Paying for Care Easy, Convenient and Worry-Free

Paying for senior care can be stressful.

We understand that the payment process is complicated and that you probably have many questions and concerns.

  • Who do I pay?
  • How often do I pay?
  • Will my long-term care insurance cover the cost?
  • Are there government programs or non-profit organizations that can help me pay for care?
  • My children will be paying or helping me manage the process, but they live far away.
  • I am overwhelmed with all the long term care insurance paperwork! 

FHS is here to help you and your family.

We are a payment service provider with nearly 30 years of helping seniors pay for care. We have made the payment process easy and convenient for more than 8,000 seniors and their families.

Rest assured that FHS will:

  • Process caregiver activity logs
  • Pay your caregivers weekly
  • Handle all the insurance paperwork for you
  • Securely process electronic payments
  • Advocate for you with third party organizations that help you pay for care

Find the support you need in our 30 years of experience.

Whether you plan to pay for home care services out of pocket, or you plan to use third party benefits—such as long term care insurance, Veterans Administration, or Medicaid waiver programs—our dedicated team will be there for you every step of the way, simplifying the payment experience for you.

If you plan to pay for care out of pocket, learn how easy and convenient it can be with FHS.

Learn More about Private Pay Services

Already have long-term care insurance? Not sure if you qualify for third party benefits? Find out how we can ensure you receive the benefits you’re eligible for and entitled to.

Learn More about Third Party Benefit Services

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